The PDR method is able to repair some dents and hail damage back to near new condition at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop repair. All PDR work is done by appt.



Paint 1 Automotive Service

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Car Paint Repair

Bumper Repair Scuff


With access to over 2 million formulas we are able to accurately measure paint to match your vehicles current colour, and if you are looking for that  "WOW" factor, we are able to customise colours too.

Deep scratches and minor damage that is unable to be repaired using PDR or Buffing processes, can in many cases be repaired using the SMART paint repair technique. Whilst not always suitable for all areas, it can provide a cost effective alternative to traditional body shop methods.


PPG Automotive Paint Database

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Headlight Polishing Repair

Our simple 3 step process offers the most economical, permanent  solution for unsightly chips and scratches. Whilst the process greatly improves the appearance, results may vary depending on damage/colour.



Detail Buffing Polish

Faded headlights not only spoil the appearance of your vehicle but can over time deteriorate to the point of being dangerous. We can restore most headlights to a near new state within a few hours.

Minor Small Panel Damage Repair
chip scratch repair

Equipped with the latest technology and tools, we offer a smooth, effortless and economical way to repair your bumper. From scrapes and scratches to minor plastic welding, most bumpers can be restored back to pre-accident condition without the need for insurance claims.


If its exterior detailing you're after, we offer a wide range of Services. From machine buffing to Synthetic Sealants we have you covered. Whether its faded paint or minor scratches we  use the best products and equipment available to achieve the best possible results.




Paintless Dent Repair Quality